aka Dr Waste

  • I live in In a waste land full of riches
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Waste land king
  • I am Waste Boy
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  • Hello people! MESSAGE 4 MYSELF!!! :OOOO

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  • Did anyone know why everyone buy ripper wings? :/

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  • It is my belief that the Events category is to be reserved for  events themselves (such as Halloween Week), and perhaps items spawned by a specific event (such as Toxic Waste, Golden Choker, Doohickey, etc)

    If you want to denote that an item belongs to an event, I would recommend adding a category with the name of the event it belongs to (ie, Harvest Festival, Summer Fest, Winter Fest, Halloween Week, Valentine's Week, St. Patrick's Week, etc)

    Do you think that would be acceptable?

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    • I made a mistake on the holiday gift box. Can you help remove the category 'Consumables?'

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    • Growbeats has an error.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Anymore suggestions? If you do please post it on my cookie wall. I will try to read most of your comments and stuff. I'm still working on my very own growtopian blog and I need help with the blog. I'm looking for people to interview so that I could extend my blog. If there is anything wrong with the cookie wall or even me, the cookie king myself. Do tell me. Cya cookie lovers! - COOKIE KING SIGNS OUT

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