The Monthly Subscriber's Item was teased on January 11, 2019 and implemented into the game on March 1, 2019.

On the 2nd until 6th of each month, a limited yet tradeable item is made available to every player with an active premium subscription (has consumed a 30-Day Premium Subscription Token or a 365-Day Premium Subscription Token before). A player can only be given the item by the game once.


The name, type, and appearance of each Monthly Subscriber's Item is chosen by a randomly picked subscriber who has logged in between the 2nd and the 6th of the month before the item's launch. The following rules apply to the designed item:

  • The item needs to be either a block or a clothing.
    • If it's a block, then it shouldn't have multiple possible textures.
  • The item shouldn't have any animation or grant any mod.
  • The name of the item shouldn't be a reference to the particular player.
  • The sprite of the item can't be larger than 32×32 pixels.
  • The contents of the item design request sent by the developers must be kept private.
    • If the chosen player does not respond to the message within 48 hours, two other candidates will be chosen from the same pool of players. If neither of the players answers, three more will be chosen, and so on.



Release Month Item Type Subscriber
March ItemSprites.png Foppy 4.0 Clothing (hat) DanyRed
April ItemSprites.png Mah-Kah-Ron Hat Clothing (hat) EloraFaline
May ItemSprites.png Scarfy-Scarf Clothing (chest) TraxyGT
June ItemSprites.png Darkening Hood Clothing (hat) Placental
July ItemSprites.png Executioner's Axe Clothing (hand) rsrssh
August ItemSprites.png Burnished Sword Clothing (hand) GusBhas
September ItemSprites.png Masquerade Ball Mask Clothing (face) Ch4knuGT
October ItemSprites.png Superfly Hat Clothing (hat) FarmWizard
November ItemSprites.png Wolfy Tank Top Clothing (shirt) RDK
December ItemSprites.png Defiant Jester's Mask Clothing (face) inflames19


Release Month Item Type Subscriber
January ItemSprites.png Flower Pot Clothing (hand) DeusV
February  ItemSprites.png Walking Cane Clothing (hand) TBUO
March ItemSprites.png Mobility Scooter Clothing (feet) Kulchvyach
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