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November 12th: Mutant Kitchen Rebalanced!

Something strange has bubbled back to the surface! The Mutant Kitchen has reopened, now with rebalanced values, costs, and drops to make it a little more fun and freaky!

- The Growtopia Team

The Mutant Kitchen Rebalanced! update was introduced on November 12, 2019. It focused around balancing changes regarding the Mutant Kitchen event.

New additions

New additions introduced in this update include:

New items

Item Recipes
ItemSprites.png Cooking Recipe - Alien Bloodied Brains Strudel
ItemSprites.png Cooking Recipe - Festering Urchin & Poop Pie
ItemSprites.png Cooking Recipe - Putrid Gas Filled Blood Maggot Crepes
ItemSprites.png Cooking Recipe - Rotting Fish Guts Club Sandwich


New changes introduced in this update include:

Cooking Oven

  • Now features a built-in timer which immediately starts when the first ingredient is put in (even for certain items which don't cook at all) and ends when the oven is punched.

Mutant food

  • Now sends a message displaying the player's progress towards a mutant explosion whenever a mutant food is consumed.
  • Now allows the player to reach a mutant explosion two times quicker than before whenever a mutant food is consumed.

Mutant explosion

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