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Enemy Hand

  • Flame On! - Heals the user by 1 Life and deals 1 damage every time your opponent hits it in the next 3 turns.
  • Frost Breath - Freezes your opponent, so the opponent can use fire cards to thaw out or stand still.
  • Super Speed - Deals 1 damage, and lets the user know his opponent's next card before he even plays it.
  • Overcharge - Charges up your Lightning cards, dealing +1 damage every time it's used, unless countered by Muscle.
  • Pineapple Spear - Impales the opponent for 3 damage. If countered, the attack still does 1 damage.

Recommended Hand

  • Incinerate - Deals 1 damage, and a bonus 1 damage when countering a Muscle card.
  • Overheat - Stops your next Fire card you use from being countered by Ice and that card deals +1 damage.
  • Crush - Deals 3 damage to Lightning, but has no use otherwise.
  • Regeneration - Recover 1 life this turn and the next turn.
  • Thunderstorm - Spawns dark clouds on top of the opponent, dealing 1 damage each turn for the next 2 turns, unless countered by Muscle.



When he successfully used the Pineapple Spear, he'll be exhausted. Use Muscle to counter him since he'll use a Lightning next, which would be Overcharge.

Crush is a good counter for his thunder cards, since it will deal 3 damage if it successfully counters a thunder card. If you successfully use Thunderstorm, there's a chance he'll use Super Speed to remove the effect.

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