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Pineapple Body.png

In order to obtain the Pineapple Body, the player must eat 600 Pineapples to get the Pineapple Form mod, which turns the player's body into a pineapple and the achievement Too Many Pineapples. The player's chest, back, shirt, pants, and feet items will then be replaced with the Pineapple Body, while their hat, hair, and face items will be tinted green.

Once the player has a Pineapple Body, they will not be able to feed themselves anymore Pineapples, though other people are still able to.

When someone feeds the player a pineapple when the mod is active, they will uncontrollably blurt things such as:

  • URP!
  • Bluhhhh...
  • Oog.
  • No more!!
  • I can't eat another bite!
  • I don't feel so good.
  • Uh oh.
  • Please stop, I'm going to explode!
  • I exploded.

When the player attempts to use a Pineapple on themselves while still in pineapple form, they will say "I can't stomach another one..."

The feeders, though, will get the mod Pineapple Magic, which makes a pineapple orbit them for 20 minutes. When this mod is removed, they will get a free item from the Pineapple Magic. If the player uses a Super Pineapple on a player with the Pineapple Body, they will have the buff Ultimate Pineapple Magic mod instead.

Once fed 20 Pineapples or 1 Super Pineapple while having the Pineapple Body, the player explodes. This explosion removes one's Pineapple Logo, Pineapple Skin, and Pineapple Body.

After the explosion, the player can repeat the process again and again.


  • A player with a Pineapple Body can be seen bouncing while walking.