Day One - 6 August

ItemSprites.png Growtopia Gazette
Day 1

August 6th: Meow!

Hello Growtopians!

It's Player Appreciation Week 2018, Day 1!

On the first day of PAW we're adding a cool new Weather Machine - Digital Rain! Also, now you can get your own pair of Meow Ears! Purrrfect!

There are 3 more items for you to discover plus a new Growmoji and some long-requested enhancements to the PC version!

Go find them all!

- The Growtopia Team


Meow Ears are now purchasable from the Growtoken Store for 200 Growtokens.

Vending Machines now display what is being sold on the front of the machine.

Growtopia's screen resolution can now be changed.

Users can now use the spacebar to punch.

Users can now scroll through menus.

Users can use the TAB key to switch between fist and wrench

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