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In Growtopia, punching is an act of shooting one's Fist towards a tile. Punching a tile can break the blocks or backgrounds and moving Growtopians on the tile. Some clothes can change the graphics of the punch, for example, the Cyclopean Visor and the Tiny Tank.


The maximum length of a punch is normally only 3 blocks, the same radius a Growtopian can place something. However, wearing items such as Cyclopean Visor, Battle Trout, and Fire Hose can lengthen the punch by one tile. Therefore, wearing two at the same time can make the maximum length of the punch into 5 tiles.

Punching Styles

Graphically, there are several methods of punching. Here is a list of them:

  • Releasing the punch directly. (While not wearing any hand item or wearing items such as Pickaxes, Swords, etc.)
  • Shooting projectiles from the hand item. (While wearing items such as Battle Trout and Tommygun)
  • Both of the hands stand still, another object will shoot the projectiles. (While wearing a leash, such as a Diamond Dragon, or wearing items like Tiny Tank)

Moving Others

A punch can also move other Growtopians. Usually punching will push them, but when worn, some items, such as the Heartbow and the Soul Orb, lets you pull others into your direction. Moving people by punching can be disabled though, by placing a Punch Jammer in the world.

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