Chef Rewards

The following items are earned as the player levels up their Chef Role:

Items Recipe
ItemSprites.png Cupcake Apron Reach Chef Level 1.
ItemSprites.png Composer's Cookie Reach Chef Level 3.
ItemSprites.png Glutton's Gazpacho Reach Chef Level 4.

ItemSprites.png Delicate Potion

ItemSprites.png Pristine Potion

Reach Chef Level 5.
ItemSprites.png Growlectables Reach Chef Level 6.

ItemSprites.png Elegant Potion

ItemSprites.png Exquisite Potion

ItemSprites.png Plasma Hair

Reach Chef Level 7.
ItemSprites.png Skill Spice Reach Chef Level 8.
ItemSprites.png Gemonade Reach Chef Level 9.
ItemSprites.png Flashback Flan Reach Chef Level 10.

Chef Quests

  • Cook 1-2 of X cooking recipe.
  • Cook anything over 90%.
  • Submit 2 Mac n' Cheese Stars
  • Cook 5 of any recipe.

Tuned Taste

Tuned Taste is the Chef Role bonus that can be leveled up as the player progresses their roles.

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