STOPDONTDROP is a world created by Moderators for Growtopians to learn about common scams and to prevent them from falling for said scams. It is very content and informative, containing information on many scams, which can be common or uncommon.

In this world, scams are visually demonstrated, and elaborated upon. The scams are demonstrated with Mannequins to represent Growtopians involved, along with any blocks or items necessary. The items are always unobtainable by visitors, and most doors used to show the scam lead nowhere, being there for the visual example. Some doors, however, are accessible, if need be.

It is important every Growtopian visit this world and go through all the scams, to be educated about all the tricks the unfortunately large population of pesky players have up their sleeves.

Remember: Stop! Don't Drop!

World render of STOPDONTDROP


  • Every two days(?) a new moderator is assigned as the owner of STOPDONTDROP's world lock.
  • STOPDONTDROP, like START, has been translated and remade for many different languages by the volunteering community.
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