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Seeds are the ultimate tool for growing trees in Growtopia. They represent each and every spliceable item. Each seed has a different appearance according to what the tree will grow to be when spliced, which can easily differentiate any two seeds. All items in Growtopia have their own seed form (even a Signal Jammer Seed exists). However, some of these seeds cannot be obtained in-game.

Obtaining Seeds

There are numerous ways to obtain seeds from what Growtopia can offer. Here are some of them:

Sample In-Game Description

Note: Items in bold can vary depending on the seed.

"Plant this seed to grow a Diving Board Support Tree."

"Rarity: 71"

Using Seeds

Seeds can only be planted on a blank space directly above a block. When planted, the tree will grow, the time required depending on the rarity of the seed (see Grow Time Formula). When fully grown, it can be punched (harvested) and will drop at least 1 of the item.


The process of combining two seeds is known as splicing. When two seeds are placed on top of one another, if the recipe is correct, it will create a new tree. This tree will continue to grow like a regular tree. Attempting to splice a third seed onto a tree will create the message: "It would be too dangerous to try to mix three seeds."

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