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@Seth (Seth Able Robinson) is the leader of Robinson Technologies Software and Growtopia's former developer, alongside @Hamumu (Mike Hommel) of Hamumu Software.


  • @Seth has a few worlds, such as BETA and TREASUREFUN.
  • Seth used to deliver the Ultra Trophy 3000 to the World of the Day winners.
  • He specially likes to add/use adjectives before his name for fun such as @SleepySeth, @CrazySeth, @SuperSeth, @CircusSeth, @RacingSeth and etc.
  • His sons are named Cosmo and Eon and his wife is Akiko. In Growtopia, Cosmo is known as Cosmo, while Akiko is known as @akiko.
  • Seth is often associated with the Messy Brown Hair and the Heroman Cape.