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The Silkworm update was introduced on February 1st, 2016.

New Items

New items included:

Items Recipes
ItemSprites.png Silkworm Toy
ItemSprites.png Dark Cult Hood
ItemSprites.png Silkworm
ItemSprites.png Silk Thread - Red/Green/Blue/Black/White/Grey/Purple/Yellow/Aqua
ItemSprites.png Silk Bolt - Red/Green/Blue/Black/White/Grey/Purple/Yellow/Aqua
ItemSprites.png Sewing Machine
ItemSprites.png Silk Turban
ItemSprites.png Patchwork Mess
ItemSprites.png Silk Vest - Red/Green/Blue/Purple/Grey/Black
ItemSprites.png Silk Tie - Red/Yellow/Black/Blue/Grey/Red
ItemSprites.png Silk Skirt - Red/Blue/Aqua/White/Purple
ItemSprites.png Country Flag
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