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32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Silkworm Leash

You wanna take your Silkworm for a walk? Use this on it! Note: The silkworm will become a permanent pet, no longer able to produce silk. Good news: it will also become immortal!
This item never drops any seeds.
Type32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Consumable
Chi32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Earth
Texture Type32?format=webp&fill=cb-20190918130753 Single
Collision Type32?format=webp&fill=cb-20210825035341 No Collision
Hardness32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 2 Hits
32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 2 Hits
Restores after 2s of inactivity.
Seed Color16?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903
Grow Time32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091904 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems Drop32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 N/A
32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Sewing
With a 32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Sewing Machine...
Start with a 32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Silk Bolt - Red.
Sew a 32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Silk Bolt - Grey to the previous bolt using a(n) Locking Stitch.
Lastly, sew a 32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Silk Bolt - Black to the previous bolt using a(n) Saddle Stitch.
Each recipe gives 1 item.

The Silkworm Leash is an unsplicable consumable which was added as part of the Pet Battles update.


When used on a Silkworm, it will become a Leashed Silkworm of its previous color (e.g. a Red Silkworm will become a Leashed Silkworm - Red).


32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Silkworm Saddle 1 can be dropped from combining:
•   32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Burnt Leather (×4)
•   32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Iron Buckle (×1)
•   32?format=webp&fill=cb-20220517091903 Silkworm Leash (×1)
in any Chemical Combiner.