ItemSprites.png Soul Orb

This orb devours the soul of anything it touches - Growtopians, Blocks Trees, whatever!
This item never drops any seeds.
This item can be transmuted.
TypeItemSprites.png Hand - Clothes
Texture TypeTextureTypeSprite.png Single
Collision TypeCollisionTypeSprite.png Full Collision
HardnessItemSprites.png 0 Hits
ItemSprites.png 0 Hits
Restores after 0s of inactivity.
Seed ColorSeedSprites.png
Grow TimeTreeSprites.png 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems DropItemSprites.png N/A

The Soul Orb is an unsplicable hand item which was added as part of Halloween Week 2015.


CheckboxEnabled   Suck the souls of innocent blocks!
Checkbox0   You are disarmed.

When equipped, this item grants the Devouring Souls mod to the player, which lets the player punch one tile farther and pull punched players, instead of pushing them away. However, this item also has a side effect of weakening the player's punch damage to blocks.



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