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  • 05:22, 10 March 2015 diff hist +319 N User:IBrinxCreated page with "''Hi, My Name is Brinx and the Reason why i used iBrinx because Brinx was used so Brinx is my growtopia Username, Anyways.. I Love Games like Growtopia and Minecraft, I Also L..." current Tags: apiedit, Visual edit
  • 05:20, 10 March 2015 diff hist +253 Cash RegisterI Typed in how you could get scammed by the emerald and cash register seed, Just to make some growtopians aware. Tags: apiedit, Visual edit
  • 05:17, 10 March 2015 diff hist +260 Emerald BlockI Changed the Description, And I Typed about how people use it to scam. Tags: apiedit, Visual edit

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