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July 1st: July Update!

Hello Growtopians!

We're kicking things into hyperspace for July with a ton of amazing additions!

Startopia has arrived! Prep your starship and ready your Star Tools, because it's time to embark on a journey into the vast reaches of space! Explore distant worlds, encounter alien life, and fight your way through the cosmos on a quest to reach the Galactic Nexus!

Startopia is an all-new adventure for you to enjoy, with tons of new items, encounters, and opportunities! For more information, check the forums! To the stars, my friends!

IOTM: Growin' up, back on the street Built my blocks, did my punches! Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet Just a man and his I-O-T-M! It's the Mighty Tiger, but it doesn't bite Jumps so high and scratches all your rivals And all of Growtopia should be very hyped, As it powers you up with the EYE OF THE TIGER!

Also, in case that isn't enough, SummerFest is on its way! Get ready to share your best Summer moments with us and don't forget to subscribe to our official YouTube channel so you can take part in giveaways and stay tuned for more cool content!

- The Growtopia Team

The Startopia Update was July 2018's monthly update. Users were to create worlds using a Starship Blast of any kind, where they were able to perform Star Voyages using Star Voyage Tools.

Star Voyage Guide

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New Items

Startopia 2.0 Update

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