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July 18th: Not an agricultural addict? Never fear: CLASH is here! Redesigned to cut the grind and amp the fun, Summer Clash is back and its first weekend starts NOW! Go go go! The next event won't be until August!

- The Growtopia Team

Beginning the era of Clash Series 2, Summer Clash 2019 is the second Summer Clash in Growtopia.

New Items

New items introduced include:

Finale Claims

Finale Claim 1 · Finale Claim 2 · Finale Claim 3 · Finale Claim 4 · Finale Claim 5 · Finale Claim 6 · Finale Claim 7 · Finale Claim 8 · Finale Claim 9

Summer Clash Rewards Store

Legendary Clash Key - Series 2 · Summer Clash Finale Ticket


Items which do not belong in other categories.

Legendary Clash Key & Finale Ticket

New Changes

New changes implemented include:


  • Summer Clash 2019 is the fourth seasonal clash held in Growtopia.
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