ItemSprites.png Sungate (Rarity: 100)

This alien artifact can teleport you to distant worlds, but only if it's charged with the power of 7 Obelisks first.
This item has special properties you can adjust with the Wrench.
This item never drops any seeds.
TypeItemSprites.png Sungate - Foreground
ChiItemSprites.png Wind
Texture TypeTextureTypeSprite.png Single
Collision TypeCollisionTypeSprite.png No Collision
HardnessItemSprites.png 20 Hits
ItemSprites.png 15 Hits
Restores after 2s of inactivity.
Seed ColorSeedSprites.png
Grow TimeTreeSprites.png 1w 4d 14h 36m 40s
Default Gems DropItemSprites.png 0 - 26
Produced by
The Sungate is a portal which can only be entered if seven Obelisks are activated in the world. It is a rare item which can be only be found by using a Desert Blast.


A destroyed Sungate was able to drop a seed during the early period of its release. The Sungate seed is one of the rarest glitched seeds.


  • The Sungate is likely a reference to the Stargate franchise. The item's sprite resembles the Earth's Milky Way Stargate from the series, and the name is similar to the titular device's.


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