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Super Pineapple Party is May/June's annual week-long event that was introduced in 2015. During the event, players must splice Pineapples using two seeds that don't normally splice (the seeds must add up to a Rarity of 4 - 50). Splicing two seeds that don't normally splice with a combined rarity of 40 - 50 may have a chance to create a Super Pineapple

  • Upon consuming 200 Pineapples, the player's flag will be changed into a Pineapple Flag.
  • Then, after consuming 400 Pineapples, the player's skin will become a yellow-green color.
  • Finally, the player's body will be changed into a Pineapple Body after consuming a total of 600 Pineapples. If players feed the player a Pineapple when they have "morphed" into a Pineapple, they will obtain the Pineapple Magic Mod, which will grant the player a limited Super Pineapple Party item after twenty minutes.
  • Players can also use a Super Pineapple on a player who has morphed into a Pineapple, which will give the player the Super Pineapple Magic Mod, which provides an increased chance for a rare item.
  • Pineapple Tragic is a mod that occurs when a player with a Pineapple Body (from eating 600 Pineapples) feeds a Dangerous Pineapple to another player, also with a Pineapple Body. If a player consumes 40 Pineapples' worth (1 super pineapple), they will explode, forcing them to start over at the body without any pineapple effects.