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On September 2016, in the Systems Update, a new rank was implemented, called Super Supporter. The Super Supporter rank is a special status that can be achieved in the game by spending money or doing TapJoy offers.

Compared to normal Supporters, people who had this rank had a slightly larger name display, access to more skin colors, and the ability to use the /warp command.


One can become a Super Supporter if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The player has earned 600,000 Gems through Tapjoy offers.
  • The player has spent a total of 30 USD worth of In-App Purchases.


Super Supporters have 3 more benefits that normal Supporters do not possess which are:

Larger Name Display

Super Supporters, by default, have a slightly larger name display, which can be toggled by using the command /hidestatus.

Additionally, when a player has their Wrench selected, the wrench beside a Super Supporter's name is also slightly enlarged. Instead of it being a stationary and grey wrench, the Super Supporter's wrench beside their name would be green in color, and it would be gently swinging sideways.

Even the country flag will be slightly larger than before.

Warp Command

Super Supporters can also use the /warp command, which allows them to enter worlds without having to go to the World Selection Menu. With the /warp command, Super Supporters can easily hop in between worlds just by typing it into their chat. However, there is a fifteen second cool-down whenever you use the command.

More Skin Colors

Super Supporters also gain access to 4 new skin colors; Blue, Light Blue, Light Orange, and Translucent Red.

Cheaper Guild Creation

Super Supporters pay half the gem price (100.000 Gems) when creating a Guild.

Cheaper Broadcasts

Super Supporters get even more discounts on Broadcasts than Supporters.


  • The requirements for Super Supporter was recently changed on an unknown date.
    • The player must earn a total of 600,000 Gems through Tapjoy offers, previously 80,000, or
    • The player must spend a total of 30 USD worth of In-App Purchase, previously 25 USD.