Surgical Tools are items used to perform surgery on a patient. The tool is used up during the surgery. There are fourteen different types of tools. All of them, excluding the Surgical Love Mallet, can fall from a Surgical Tool Tree, be produced from a Surgical Tool Bag, or be included in the Surgical Kit, which costs 12,000 Gems.

List of Tools

Tool Use
ItemSprites.png Surgical Sponge Used when the surgery screen says "You can't see what you are doing!" In this case, the player is forced to use the Surgical Sponge. Can also be used when it says "It's becoming hard to see."
ItemSprites.png Surgical Splint Used to fix fractures. If the patient has a broken bone, use this to remove it.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Antiseptic Used to clean the operation site. If the operation site is unsanitary, this can be used to make it clean.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Antibiotics Used when the patient has a fever. If the surgery screen says "Patient's fever is climbing," this can be used to lower the temperature.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Anesthetic Used to put a patient to sleep, turning its Awake status to Unconscious. Used before Surgical Scalpel, if not, the player will fail the surgery.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Scalpel Used to cut open the patient. This tool is usually used until the "Fix it" button has appeared. It is also to be used before fixing a shattered bone.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Stitches Used to stop the patient from bleeding or close up incisions. This tool is usually used when the patient is losing blood before a Surgical Scalpel has been used or after the "Fix it" button when the player's incisions need to be stitched up.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Lab Kit Used to unlock Surgical Antibiotics. Surgical Antibiotics cannot be used before using this tool.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Clamp Used to clamp up blood vessels. If the patient is losing blood before the "Fix it" button can be used, this tool can be used to stop the patient from losing blood. It can only be used if the patient has at least one incision.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Pins Used to fix shattered bones. When used, a shattered bone turns into a broken bone. This item can only be used when the patient has at least one incision.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Transfusion Used to transfuse several pints of blood into a patient. When the pulse of a player is weak or extremely weak, this will turn the pulse back to steady or strong.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Ultrasound Used to diagnose a patient. The player will not know what condition the patient has if this is not used. It will reveal physical issues of the patient and other tools needed for the surgery.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Defibrillator Used to shock a patient back to life. If the patient's heart has stopped, this must be given to the patient otherwise surgery cannot continue.
ItemSprites.png Surgical Love Mallet Used when the patient is Love Struck. 2 of this tool can be obtained by purchasing a Surgical Kit from the Growtopia Store during Valentine's Week.
ItemSprites.png Empty Surgery Tray Unobtainable by players, used as an icon for when the player is missing a tool.
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