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September 2nd: Systems Update! Some big improvements in Growtopia have gone in today:

World Ratings - players can now specify a category for their world (wrench your World Lock to choose). If you pick a category, players can rate your world, and it will apepar in ranked lists. It's not about getting players to visit your world anymore, it's about getting them to LIKE it.

Growtoken Overhaul - You can earn Growtokens in new ways: You can earn up to 3 Growtokens a day from Daily Quests and Life Goals. In addition to that, earn up to 7 Growtokens a day by having a highly rated world (in the new World Ratings).

Telephone - A handy new item that lets you call people... try dialing 12345 to talk to Crazy Jim. Who knows who you'll find at other phone numbers?

Daily Quests - Every day, Crazy Jim wants a few specific items to be brought to him. He'll pay you a Growtoken for your time!

Life Goals - Crazy Jim is also a (non)certified life coach! Complete his Life goals, which can be just about anything, to raise your Awesomeness. The more Awesome you are, the harder the goals become, but the bigger the prizes.

Epic Quests - The ultimate goal in Growtopia! If you can complete all of Crazy Jim's Epic Quests, we'll be so impressed, we'll create a custom item just for you!

Daily Bonuses - As you level up, gain access to new bonuses you can earn once a day. Wrench yourself for details!

A Huge Mysterious Riddle - Good luck!

Seed Pack adjustments - Small Seed Packs now cost 100 Gems, and Rare Seed Packs now include seeds of lower rarity than before. Sorry folks, we want you splicing seeds, not buying them!

INSANE MASSIVE GEM BONUS!! - Buying gems with money or Tapjoy now delivers TWICE as many gems. This is a permanent change to make spending money more effective.

Megaphones - You can now get a free Megaphone with any purchase of It's Rainin' Gems, and Megaphones can also now be purchased for 10 Growtokens.

Super Supporter - If you've bought $25 worth of Gems) or equivalent in free Tapjoy offers), you are now a Super Supporter! You get new skin colors, special name display, and the /warp command to jump to worlds at the tap of you keys.

Video Of The Week list - type /top to find a list of VOTW winners you can watch anytime!

- @Seth and @Hamumu

Systems Update is an update added on the 2nd of September 2016. It introduced massive improvements to the game, particularly to the Growtoken system and in-app purchases.