TOMBOFGROWGANOTH is a world open during Halloween Week only. It was first introduced during Halloween Week 2019. Players can join the game by consuming a Dark Ticket.

After using a Dark Ticket, the player has 20 minutes to explore the world and find a total of 6 Sacrificial Wells and sacrifice items to it. The wells only accept items between rarity 10-200, and 1 rarity worth of items grants 1 corrupted soul. Each well will accept only up to 8,000 rarity.

The various TOMBOFGROWGANOTH worlds have the same layouts, but the Sacrificial Wells and the Main Door are in different places.

When the player is done sacrificing, the player has to go to Growganoth's tomb to collect their prize. There are a few corruption tiers, depending on the total corrupted souls collected.

Corruption Tiers

Lowly Corruption

  • You must collect a total of 16,000-31,999 corrupted souls to get this tier.
Prizes Uses(if any)
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Bone Checkpoint Works like a checkpoint.
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Bone Platform Works like a platform.
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Spooky Bunting A non-solid, foreground decoration.

Great Corruption

  • You must collect a total of 32,000-47,999 corrupted souls to get this tier.

Ultimate Corruption

  • You must collect a total of 48,000 corrupted souls or higher to get this tier.
Ultimate Prizes Uses(if any)
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Supernaturally Speedy Black High Heels Grants the Speedy mod.
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Cursed Katana Grants the Punch Damage: Cursed! mod.
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Scythe of the Underworld Grants the Punch Damage: Underworld! mod.
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Horns of Growganoth Grants the Speedy mod and gives bonus 250XP for each Dark Ticket used.
32?fill=cb-20201204192409 Cloak of Equilibrium Grants the Double Jump mod.


  • When the Tomb Of Growganoth update was first released, there was a major bug which caused the total souls to not increase, resulting in a maintenance 15 minutes after the Halloween Week 2019 was released. Subsequently, the event was extended for a day.
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