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December 1st: The Grand Tournament hath arrived!

The Grand Tournament has come to Growtopia! This pet battle tournament runs for 5 days, on the 7th of every month. Head to the world TOURNAMENT now, to buy your tickets before it begins!

This event is mostly for pet battlers, but once the Tournament comes to town, there are also fun and prizes for spectators!

We've also tweaked pet battles a bit: there's a new Daily Challenge, more powerful skills take a while to become available when a match begins, and long matches are forced to an end.

You've got 6 days until the tournament.. start training!

The Grand Tournament is a pet battle tournament which was added in the game on the 1st of December, 2016. The Grand Tournament update was December's monthly update, as well as the year's final monthly update, apart from WinterFest. The tournament runs for 5 days and occurs on the 7th of every month.

Entering the Tournament

A Tournament Ticket is required to enter the tournament. It can be bought from Master Peng in the world TOURNAMENT for 10,000 Gems. The Tournament Ticket will self-destruct whenever the tournament ends.

Only players who are above level 20 can purchase tickets and enter the Tournament, however, they can only be bought outside of the Tournament dates.

Tournament System

If a player has a ticket and has equipped battle pets, they will wait in a TOURNAMENT world, waiting to be paired with another player.

When a pair has been found, they will be automatically pulled a small arena where they will fight. Once the fight is over, the winner will be awarded a Tourney Token and both player's rankings will change depending on whether they won or lost.

The rankings work similar to chess rating systems, where points will be awarded based on how good the opponent is. If a player has a high rating and beats a low rating player, they will not receive many points and the opponent will not lose many points either. If a player has a low rating and beats a high rating player, they will receive much more points and the opponent will lose many points too.

On the 8th of November, 2016, a new system was put in place where if any player intentionally forfeited through respawning or leaving, they would be unable to play for thirty minutes. Also, any player caught cheating (i.e. asking friends to versus and intentionally lose, using alternate accounts or having multiple users play on the same account), they will be permanently banned from the tournament.

Tourney Tokens can be redeemed at the Prize Ladder, however, all players are limited to 20 tokens per day. However, players can choose to continue fighting as much as they wish.

Get out of here, the Tournament is an honor battle. - Master Peng when the player is banned.

Prize Ladder Rewards

See main article: Prize Ladder Rewards

Tournament Prizes

When the tournament ends, the top 10 win a prize. The prizes are directly proportional to the number of Tournament Tickets sold. 50% of each ticket price goes into the prize pool.

Position Prize
Grand Champion 35 % of the prize pool and a Golden Dragon Statue.
2nd Place 20 % of the prize pool and a Silver Dragon Statue.
3rd Place 10% of the prize pool and a Silver Dragon Statue.
4th to 10th Place 5% of the prize pool and a Jade Dragon Statue.

Master Peng

Master Peng is the NPC in the world TOURNAMENT. Before the Grand Tournament, he sells Tournament Tickets for 10,000 gems each, of which 50% of it goes to the prize pool. Players can wrench him to check the leaderboard of the tournament during the Grand Tournament. His name - Peng Nguyen, is most likely a reference to what he looks like, a penguin.

Snack Fu

Snack Fu, or Master Ping, is an NPC in the world TOURNAMENT. Their appearance is similar to Master Peng, a penguin. Wrenching Snack Fu will lead the player to an interface in which they can buy snacks from Snack Fu.


Snacks can be bought in the world TOURNAMENT from Snack Fu during the Grand Tournament. Snacks rarely can have prizes in them. Higher costs snacks have higher chance to yield prizes. The snacks are:

Snack Price Info
32?fill=cb-20211126052615 Pow Stones 50 Gems Lowest chance of giving a prize. Eating it will generate colorful crackles around the player that eats it.
32?fill=cb-20211126052615 Popcorn 100 Gems Eating it will trigger an animation in which the player will hold the popcorn while rapidly munching on it.
32?fill=cb-20211126052615 Ramune 500 Gems Makes the player burp upon consuming, while arms slowly raise.
32?fill=cb-20211126052615 Wasabi Peas 2,000 Gems Body turns red, as if on fire. Highest chance to yield a prize, besides the Can Of Beans.
32?fill=cb-20211126052615 Can Of Beans 10,000 Gems Guaranteed prize from consuming it, player makes a fart sound and is forced to do /troll.

NOTE: Eating Pow Stones and Ramune at the same time will cause the player to respawn.

Snack Prizes

These are the prizes that can be obtained from Snacks.