• I was wondering how to be a Content Editor!

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    • (copied and pasted from a previous reply)

      I got my promotion because i guess I was making good edits, and contributing almost daily. If you constantly make edits, (good edits, to the article, formatting, NOT adding categories), you have a chance to be noticed. However, I don’t believe the admins check edits now, sadly, but you can still submit a request into the page where you request to be a moderator. I must be sleepy because I don't remember what it's name is... 

      You can ask Derek524, his profile link is down below, just scroll down a bit. He was recently promoted.

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    • Yeah I was recently promoted

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    • Just like what jet pack joyrider was saying make good edits and have a good reputation with Growtopia moderator such as awesome187 and yeah... try not to add categories because categories are kinda useless right now (as in not a lot of people use it) and know how to use proper templates (go to useful templates which can teach how to do proper edits).

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