• StarSeed is not Cosmic Dust, but Starseed is just Starseed. Starseed is gained throught consuming 200 Cosmic Dusts. Starseed as name should include Starseed as Picture.

    Starseed  Image should inform of its color and its appereance to make players regocnize it.

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    • The starseed is not an item itself. It is just the seed of a Comet Dust, the same way a Dirt Seed is a seed of Dirt. You'll notice that the image of the seed in the item template is the Starseed.

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    • Item in my definition is this: 

      - Any item what takes a spot in limited size of inventory.

      ps.  Seeds doesnt have special endless pouch where u can use them but u have limited size of inventory where all items go.

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    • Yes, but unfortunately, we are unable to create an item template for the Starseed because there isn't really any data for it (what's the seed of a Starseed?). We can only make item templates for items themselves, not for any seeds, otherwise we'll have pages for each individual seed which is completely unnecessary.

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    • There is only 2 Seeds what need this .. So it comes correct Details.

      Details first is Making starseed = 200 Cosmic dusts are required . Result isn't Cosmic dust but a Starseed. Growing Starseed, was actually giving Starseed in result not Cosmic dust. When it's grown and harvested.

      Second item is Galactic Starseed, when its grown result will be Galactic Starseed not Antimatter Dust, its created only by targetting an Item in inventory Antimatter dust 200 pcs, clicked on character to combine it and result is item Galactic Starseed.

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    • We literally cannot make an item template for the Starseed and the Galactic Starseed. It isn't possible. It can only be made for items which aren't seeds or trees. There is nothing we can do to make the template so it will stay on Comet Dust and Antimatter Dust respectively.

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