• I was 'cursed' for spamming counterproductive edits. What does that mean? And what is the meaning of an edit summary?

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    • Counterproductive edits mean that your edits were not useful contributions to the wiki. You were spamming useless edits such as renaming "consuming" to "eating" when the item itself is called a "consumable" and the previous use of the word was perfectly fine. This is counterproductive because your edits ended up being reverting, wasting people's time to fix it.

      If you would like to learn how to edit, make sure to read the Growtopia Wiki rules, Growtopia Wiki Editing Guide, Fandom's Editing Guide and Templates Guide to get a better understanding on how to edit.

      An edit summary refers to an optional short explanation of your edit. For example, if you were adding a recipe, you could enter "added recipe" into the edit summary.

      If you would like any help, there is a Discord server that you can join (should be a box on the right) where you can request editing help from staff members of the Growtopia Wiki or any other editor who knows how to edit.

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