Two People using the Trading System.

Trading is an activity in which two players can exchange items through a systematic method. Trading was added as a safer method than dropping for players to buy and sell items.

Trading Items

There are two ways to start a trade:

  1. Use one's Wrench and press the Wrench icon next to the desired player's username. A menu containing the 'Trade' button will appear. Pressing it opens the trading GUI.
  1. Type /trade [the player's username]. The trading GUI will appear.

NOTE: A player can only trade with people in the same world.


A maximum of 4 different stacks of items can be traded at once to another player. Players who wish to trade more can choose to sell a World Key to a world containing the items instead.


  • Trying to trade a negative number of items will result in the following message: "Whatever scammer. Bet you liked the game more before this cool trade system!"
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