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Hello Growtopians,

Time to get creative! The Transmutabooth has arrived, bringing all-new customization and clothing possibilities to Growtopia!

Tired of having to make outfits around mods instead of, y'know, LOOKING AMAZING? Well, with the Transmutabooth, you can layer the visuals of one item on top of another, giving it an all-new look while keeping its mods! The possibilities are crazy, so grab one from the store and crank your imagination into high gear!

- The Growtopia Team

The Transmutabooth update is a monthly update which was introduced on December 4, 2019. It introduced the titular Transmutabooth, which allows players to overlay the visuals of one clothing item on another in the same slot.

New Items

New items added as part of this update include:

Store Item

Item Recipe
ItemSprites.png Transmutabooth Purchased from the Store for 25,000 gems.

Miscellaneous Items

Items Recipes
ItemSprites.png Dummy Transmutation Icon None.
ItemSprites.png Dummy Transmutation Temp Icon None.
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