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Store description


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"Explore the ocean! This advanced device will terraform a new world set up like the bottom of the ocean, with a special ocean background, and special blocks like Seaweed, Coral, Jellyfish, Sharks, and maybe a special surprise... Remember, by using this you are creating a NEW world by typing in a new name. You can't convert an existing world to an ocean, that would be dangerous."

In-Game Description

"Use this astounding device to create an entirely new undersea world. Water included!"

This item can't be spliced.

This item never drops any seeds.

Additional Info:

Tip: Bring a World Lock and place it when you get there or else someone might steal the world you wasted 15,000 gems on.


Undersea Blast

This item was released on the 11th of April, 2014. It can be purchased from the "Weather Machines" store section for 15,000 gems.

The world will contain an assortment of Jellyfish, Great White Sharks, Seaweed, Coral, Deep Sand, Ocean Rock, Deep Rocks, a Sunken Anchor, and a Giant Clam. This Giant Clam will have an item in it such as swimsuit shorts. Not to mention a worlds worth of Water Buckets and a special ocean background. The background will not change if the world is traded.

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