aka ash

  • I live in school, aka hell
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is having no life and brain cells
  • I am Male
someone who likes to edit things and post things on forums. I will probably would never ever edit this again because this takes a lot of time to think about what should i write here and i choose to not write anything about me or my information. Just scroll up a little bit and you will see the information that you need to know. k thank q bye. i also like anime and manga and yes i am an otaku.
who the hell am i btw lol
basicly i am someone with an intelligence that is above the standarts (which is about 109 iq and i have something like 130+) and has also someone who cares as much less as possible cuz it being suck. (tbh school is the place where i get social and stuff lol it has no other use or anything. i also dont really work for the exams i get into cuz they are kinda easy and i get high marks without studying so idk lol lots of teacher hate me cuz i literally study 0 seconds and get their exam done in 10 mins or so and they be mad cuz they look for my failures but i generally dont get any failures so that makes them mad or idk just go ask em why am i even writing this lol.) quote on quote i actually am a pretty troll and weird person

Discord: dEvil#3869

Instagram: @ixaocan


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