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I'm not a perfect Growtopia dude nor am I a moderator, but I do know what is correct, and I'm here to fix up Growtopia Wiki so it's clean and coherent.

What I Do

I hit the "Random pages", and when I get a hit perfect to flip, I get working. Here's what I do:

1) I check for headings that can be converted to sub-headings (like In-Game Description and Additional Info)
2) I fix in-game description layouts so it's correct.
3) I try to add new information to completely vague topics so you know MORE about the item.

I also undo the works of nitwits that give the wrong information. They just want to detract your attention by adding swear words or deleting all the text!

So don't complain I'm overspamming the recent activity. I can make multiple edits in a couple of minutes when I get cranking.


I hope for a Growtopia Wiki, where you can know everything by a single click or a tap on your touch-sensitive screen. Sadly, certain pages just don't give you that much information. All they give you is what's obvious (the splicing recipe, the rarity, etc.), so I'm trying to fill those pages with what I can call major revisions.


My biggest contribution is Items By Rarity. I once took a look at this, and it lacked everything! So I took some weeks to fill as much information as I can. I used recipe worlds to help add the info.

Pages I started:

Account Update

7/26/2015 - I'll try to add summaries to edits. Suggested by LuveGT

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