aka AppleDude

  • I live in Towntopia
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Graphics Designer and Coder
  • I am growtopian male

A Growtopia Wikia Editor

Hi i am Nerthan1 One and i am a Growtopia Wikia Editor

Self Description

Hi Everyone, I am a Growtopia Wikia Editor! I Love to play Growtopia and just have fun all day long.In-game, You can address me as Halovian. I Am active daily for about 6 hours (8.00+ UTC) and have about 643 DLS as my total net-worth. I will continue to help out editing this Wikia as I love to edit and animate stuff.

In-Game Player Statues
Growtopian ID
Lorb Halovian of Legend 

Account Net-worth
DLocks 643 DLS

Social Statues
~No Longer have one. 

Discord & Tag


My Dream is to one day, Get a Full Set of Sponsored item that is designed personally for me like the Rayman Update where, There is a Full set of items dedicated to Rayman (Which is a Ubisoft Developed Game Character for the game : Rayman legends.).


My Growtopia Wikia Contributions

All about my Wikia Activity & Contribution info!

I am a relatively active Growtopia Wikia Editor! I Edit on about 1-4 Edits on this wikia day on articles that needs fixing or changes following my un-completed acheivments!

Link to View my most recent Growtopia Wikia Edits.

My Written Blogs

Some of the Blogs that i Wrote!
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Here is where i do my own test sandboxSandbox

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