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Growtopia News Players break into carnival after closed

Growtopia News Players break into carnival after closed.

Growtopia News

Dont you just hate it when the carnival is closed and you are just about to finish your ring quest? Well your in luck Some players have figured out how to enter the carnival after it closes using a Gateway to adventure you can do enter the carnival and tell him that you harvested a chicken or did whatever you had to do so he can give you another objective. To do this you must insert the name "carnival chn872". You cannot play any games but this would still be useful for people who need to give something to the ringmaster as he is still accessible you might be reading this at a time when the mods fixed it but as of the year 2016 august 12 it is still usable by the public and i will keep you updated on any news weekly keep on reading Growtopia Weekly. THIS DOES NOT WORK BY OCTOBER 2016.


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