aka [Redacted]

  • I live in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is Middle School Student
  • I am A Communist
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Hi, This is my Fandom User Page! I play Growtopia since June 2018

In-Game Account: CrazyLifeGem [GONE]

In-Game New Account: ConnectUrl

Alt Account: CurrentTV

Let's Explore and Play GROWTOPIA!

Newest News: If you see this profile, you might wondering what happen to my sudden stop of activity in GT Wiki?

Well, the former account (CrazyLifeGem) is completely gone without traces. More worse, i don't know the password and enter a wrong e-mail address in the beginning.

So yeah, at 17 July 2019 i re-started from 1 month of quitting and start rebuilding with my new account, ConnectUrl.

I guess i must go in this way. From nothing we advance.


The Growtopia Team, The Wiki Team and @CLG

CC 2019

Some Growtopia Reliable Photo!

Screenshot 20181219-171834

Me With Growch! Winterfest with Growch is so fun!

Screenshot 20190105-084029

Me With My First DL! Awesome!

Screenshot 20190105-083249

Lost in my own FARM! LOL

Screenshot 20190112-003100

Got a achievement called "Mad Shopper"! Wow-zerrr!


Growtopia Motto : G.B.P (GROW.BUILD.PUNCH) From Nothing We Advance

                                 The End Of My Page
                                      CC 2019
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