Hey! My name is Zabojanina but my in-game name is FabDad. I joined the Growtopia Wiki because I want to try to help out the community with keeping all of the info on the wiki true.

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About Me

  • Currently Level 57 on my main account.
  • My favorite item in the game is Seafoam Hair.
  • I love helping out people! So if you need help or have any questions in-game message FabDad (me) and I may be able to help you!
  • I have a youtube channel named FabDad.


Completed Epic Quests

  • Discover the Truth
  • Plant a Wizard's Staff Tree
    • The method of obtaining a Wizard's Staff is different from the usual splicing method. A player must build a replica of the staff; 5 Cliffsides placed vertically with each other and an Orange Block placed on top of the column of Cliffsides. Then, the player must then splice a Wooden Background Seed with a Poppy Seed on the Orange Block to grow a Wizard's Staff Tree, which takes an hour to grow.
  • Dress up as Locke
  • Own a Top-10 Rated World
    • A player must own a world ranked 10 or higher.
  • Achieve 100% Awesomeness
    • A player must complete Life Goals from Crazy Jim. Each completed life goal grants the player 1% Awesomeness, it can go up to 100%. The higher the player's Awesomeness level is, the harder the life goals, the bigger the prizes.
  • Win 200 Carnival Games.
    • A player must win 200 carnival games in the world CARNIVAL which is open for 3 days each month.
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