Jetpack joyrider

aka clashmaster6

  • I live in HAMUMUTOWN
  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is Jetpack Messer-Upper
  • I am Rarity 36
  • Jetpack joyrider

    Stocking up on gothic building seeds or blocks. got 220 world locks to invest in those, so if anybody sells seeds 8-10/1 or blocks 35-40/1, msg me in game or mail me in GOTLEVELS. thanks.

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  • Jetpack joyrider

    Good RSP shops

    March 27, 2018 by Jetpack joyrider

    Hi does anyone know any frequently restocked RSP seed shops? I really need cheap RSP seeds (any rsp seed 60+/1) as well as flower checkpoint seeds 4-6/1. I only need seeds! (because block shops are overpriced)

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  • Jetpack joyrider

    World Price

    November 17, 2017 by Jetpack joyrider

    Yesterday I was lucky enough to obtain the world AMMONITE from a 180-day old small lock. No one was there to claim it. So I did. 

    Anyways, how do you determine how much the world would be? I'm literally happy with making one world lock but I feel this world is definitely more than that. I'm in no rush to sell this world but what determines how much a world would sell for? I suppose this name isn't as good as "BUYAMMONITE" but I'm sure it should still fetch a diamond lock or so. (No one has offered yet, except for this guy who HAS offered 2 Diamond Locks but is still thinking about it.). Anyone who's shown their offers anyway. 

    Please answer my question and post offers in AMMONITE!

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  • Jetpack joyrider

    Have you ever seen those random growtopians who look afk? Next to a home-cook oven or a DNA extractor in a Public Wrench World? 

    Ok, Ok, lets just say you're trying to make a dina with DNA strands. You put them in and check your quest or something for a second. You go back to the DNA processor, and all the DNA's gone. And so is the guy next to it. Is this scamming?

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  • Jetpack joyrider

    Buying Display shelves 6/1


    Writing Desk Seeds

    and bookcase seeds


    have a vend

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