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  • I live in Indonesia
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  • Realify

    I got my first ring which is The One ring on October. I was so happy because it is the ring what i wanted since i just played growtopia since february 2014...

    I thought that having a Ring Of Force would be nice too. But getting it was not as easy as I thought since the rings we get will be random and we have a chance of getting the same ring.

    At school my friend told me that if you wear the ring you got while finishing the last step you will not get the same ring.

    At first I dont care about it and i did another ring quest which didnt lose me any wls because i got the White Crystal during the geiger quest. I was too excited to get my 2nd ring and didnt listen to my friend;'s advice. And BOOM. Second One Ring.

    I was so pissed off by then.

    I still…

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