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Purchase the Valentine's Goodies for 5,000 ItemSprites.png in the Growtopia Store.
"Contains 5 Golden Booty Chests and a bonus Valentine's Card to share the love. Smash the Golden Booty Chests to find a random assortment of Valentine's surprises."

The Valentine's Goodies is a pack that is only available during Valentine's Week. After purchasing it, the player will receive five Golden Booty Chest and a Valentine's Card.


  • As of 17 February 2019, each purchase of the Valentine's Goodies gives five Golden Booty Chests, replacing the five random Valentine's items. This was done to prevent players from abusing the system and filling their inventories to prevent getting certain items (usually of low value or common prizes).
  • As of 2018, each purchase of a Valentine's Goodies comes with a Valentine's Card.
  • During Valentine's Week 2014, a single Valentine's Goodies cost 1,000 gems to purchase.
  • During Valentine's Week 2013, a single Valentine's Goodies cost 200 gems, with each purchase only giving one item.
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