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Available in Store

Valentine's Goodies ( 5,000 Store gem )

Contains 5 Golden Booty Chests and a bonus Valentine's Card to share the love. Smash the Golden Booty Chests to find a random assortment of Valentine's surprises.

The Valentine's Goodies is a pack that is only available during Valentine's Week. After purchasing it, the player will receive 5 Golden Booty Chest and a Valentine's Card.


  • As of 17 February 2019, each purchase of the Valentine's Goodies now gives 5 Golden Booty Chests, replacing the 5 random Valentine's items. This was done to prevent players from abusing the system and filling their inventories in order to prevent getting certain items.
  • As of 2018, each purchase of a Valentine's Goodies comes with a Valentine's Card.
  • During Valentine's Week 2014, a single Valentine's Goodies costed 1,000 gems to purchase.
  • During Valentine's Week 2013, a single Valentine's Goodies costed 200 gems, with each purchase only giving 1 item.
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