Valentine week 2018

Every year, on the day of Valentine's, there is a special event known as Valentine's Week.

Previously, Heartstone used to spawn in "well loved" worlds which replaced rocks instead. Later, due to abuse of rocks, Golden Booty Chests would spawn randomly in any "well loved" world. As of 2017, Golden Booty Chests are now given out in a special event called "Share The Love" where everybody in the world is given a Golden Booty Chest. Hamumu has stated that code has been written to prevent multiple accounts and players AFKing.

Valentine's Goodies


The Valentine's Goodies Pack is a pack only available during Valentine's Week. It costs 5,000 Gems and gives five Golden Booty Chests.

As of 2013, the Valentine's Goodies pack cost 200 gems but only gave one item. In 2014, it was increased to 1,000 gems but gave five items instead. In 2015, it was increased to 5,000 gems but still gave 5 items.


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