32?fill=cb-20201023101443 Growtopia Store
Purchase the Vegas Pack for 20,000 32?fill=cb-20201023101443 in the Growtopia Store.
"What happens in Growtopia stays in Growtopia! Buy this pack to get 10 Neon Lights, a Card Block Seed, a Rare Pink Cadillac to drive, 4 Flipping Coins, a Dice Block, a Gambler's Visor, a Slot Machine, a Roulette Wheel, and an entire Showgirl Outfit!"

The Vegas Pack was released on May 24, 2013. On March 2, 2014, the pack was removed from the store and reintroduced on April 26, 2014, costing 20,000 Gems instead of 5,000 with the Pink Cadillac replacing the Rabbit's Foot.

The pack includes:

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