December 18 (2014): It's Winterfest in Growtopia until December 31st! It's a magical season of gifts and wonder... for everyone except the Growch! Which is really too bad considering he invented a bunch of cool new items, and he won't share them with Growtopia. Some of these items are limited time, so you better get them! Maybe if we all show him the holiday spirit, he'll let us make the new items. Winter Gifts are not available in the shop anymore. How will you get them?

  • Be terrified by the horrible Growch! Visit GROWCH to cower in his shadow (Can also be found on Growch1, Growch2, Growch3, etc... similarly to Growganoth)
  • Snowy Weather Machine added to the store during WinterFest only.
  • Three new special events added
  • Unlock new item recipes from the Growch
  • Winter Gifts now spawn in your world! However, you'll need 2 or more people for it to spawn.
  • The EXIT Music is changed.

All Winter Growch Items:

Growtokens Item

Store Item

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