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32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Wolf Whistle

Beware! Blowing this whistle will send you off the Wolfworld! When you are there, you will have only 10 minutes before the power of the wolf wears off and you return to the real world. Can you conquer the Wolfworld in time?
This item never drops any seeds.
Type32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Consumable
Chi32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Wind
Texture Type32?fill=cb-20190918130753 Single
Collision Type32?fill=cb-20210825035341 No Collision
Hardness32?fill=cb-20211010154145 6 Hits
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 5 Hits
Restores after 4s of inactivity.
Seed Color16?fill=cb-20211010154145
Grow Time32?fill=cb-20211010154146 1h 0m 0s
Default Gems Drop32?fill=cb-20211010154145 N/A
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Special Event
Found in the Howling At The Moon special event.
One has 30 seconds to find 3 dropped Wolf Whistle.
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Challenge of Fenrir
5 may be obtained from a Valhowla Treasure.
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 The Sales-Man's Sale
Buy this item from the 32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Sales-Man (32?fill=cb-20211010154145 53785) for 32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Wolf Ticket (x90).
Each purchase comes with 1 item.
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Surgery
Drops in sets of 1 from performing a surgery on a/an:
CheckboxEnabled.png   32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Player on a Hospital Bed
CheckboxEnabled.png   32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Player on a Starship Sickbay Bed
CheckboxEnabled.png   32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Surg-E
CheckboxEnabled.png   32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Train-E
This item is obtained as a common drop!
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Provider
Drops in sets of 1 from harvesting a/an:
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Winterfest Calendar - 2017 (random chance)
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Winterfest Calendar - 2018 (random chance)
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Winterfest Calendar - 2019 (random chance)
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Winterfest Calendar - 2020 (random chance)
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Complete WOLFWORLD
May yield 1 item each.
32?fill=cb-20211010154145 NPC Trading
Buy 1 of this item from 32?fill=cb-20211010154145 Locke The Salesman for 32?fill=cb-20211010154145 World Lock (x15).

The Wolf Whistle is an unsplicable consumable which was added as part of Player Appreciation Week 2015 Day 2 on August 15, 2015.


By blowing a Wolf Whistle (consuming the item), the player will be transported to one of the seven Wolfworlds, where they will have ten minutes to complete obstacles and win a random prize from the Great Wolf Totem.