World Category is a world setting which can be set by wrenching the World Lock in the world. It was added on September 2016's Systems Update. Setting a category for a world allows it to be rated by others.



Adventure worlds are worlds which has a storyline or plot the visitors are able to explore. Most of them use the help of Adventure Items. Some might also include a little parkour.


Art worlds are worlds that have blocks arranged to show an image or music.


Farm worlds are worlds where rows of platforms, or less frequently, blocks, placed and designed in an efficient and convenient way so the owner is able to farm their items and plant the seeds easily. Most farms have most of their parts blocked to the public.


Game worlds are worlds where one game or more is hosted. Some of them use Game Generators. Notable games are PvPs and Spleefs.


Information worlds are worlds which contains useful information for its visitors. They are mostly made to give specific information according their world names.


Uncategorized worlds which can't be rated yet. All worlds are categorized as 'None' at first.


Parkour worlds are worlds which are mainly composed of a series of parkours. Parkours are usually obstacles made of hazard blocks placed in a way that visitors may have a difficult time passing them.


Roleplay worlds are worlds where visitors are able to roleplay with each other.


Shop worlds are worlds that sell items. Shop worlds can be manual trade or vending machines.


Social worlds are worlds which are designed for people to hangout and communicate with each other, hence the name social.


Storage worlds are worlds which are used by their owners to store their items.


Story worlds are worlds which have one fictional story or more which can be read by visitors.


Trade worlds are worlds which lets player trade with each other in a convenient way. Most trade worlds are made to be specific, so that visitors are able to find another buyers or sellers easier.


  • Changing the category of a world will remove all of the world's ratings.
  • Putting false category on a world may result in a punishment.
  • If a world has a high enough rating, it will be shown in the world menu under the appropriate category.
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