The warning pop-up

The correctly done renderworld pop-up

The try again tomorrow pop-up

A World Render is a command (can be done by typing in /renderworld into the chat) which will generate an image of the player's world (only the owner can perform the command and owner must World Lock the world). Players can then view the image at, where WORLD is the name of player's world. A list of all those with access will be placed underneath the image.

When rendering a world, a warning message will pop up saying: "World rendering means we'll make a picture of your ENTIRE world and host it on our servers publicly for anybody to view. Warning: This picture will include you and all co-owners on your World Lock. If you'd like to keep that information private, click Cancel!"

When the render has been completed, a pop-up will appear saying: "Your world has been rendered!" with options to either view, tweet or facebook the image.

An example of a World Render is (world START, owned by @Ubidev.


  • If a player tries to render a world which they do not own, a message will appear saying: "Sorry, only the world owner can render it."
  • Trying to render the same world in less than a day will generate the message: "Oops, you can't render your world again so soon. (Try again tomorrow) But here is the last one."
  • The darkness effect from Dark Cave Background is not visible on renders.
  • During different events, an event themed frame is added to each World Render.


An example render of a blank world.

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